"My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth."  (1 John 3:18)

Q. Why did meeting dates change from Thursday's to Tuesday's?

A. Due to the church having AWANA on Wednesday evenings, the cleaning crew can not clean and sanitize the church before we meet on our previous meeting date of Thursday.  We felt that Tuesday's would be the next best day of the week to meet.

Q. How do I register for co-op?

A. Registration is done online through this website. Fees may be paid via a check or via our PayPal account. For questions, email us at scbchsf@gmail.com.


Q. Do you offer scholarships or reduced fees?

A. No, we do not. Our fees are very affordable. We can do payment arrangements if necessary. 


Q. Am I able to drop my kids off and come back later to pick them up?

A. No. All students must have a parent or adult on site with them.


Q. If I am unable to bring my children, can another adult bring them for me?

A. Yes. An adult member of your family may come in your place. You need to notify a member of the leadership team so we are aware of the situation.


Q. If I cannot attend a weekly co-op meeting, what should I do?

A. If you know you will miss a co-op meeting ahead of time, you need to let your co-teachers and a member of the leadership team know as soon as possible. If your absence is last minute, perhaps due to illness; text or call a member of the leadership team. Posting to our Facebook page is acceptable, but texting or calling is preferred first.


Q. Am I able to stay with my child and follow him/her to every class?

A. We understand that some parents want to stay with their children. However, unless your child has a medical/learning concern, we need all parents to teach and actively assist in classes.  Please contact the leadership team or comment on the registration if special arrangements are needed.  

Q. How often does co-op meet?

A. We generally meet 3 Tuesdays a month. Students in the high school classes may be required to meet every Tuesday.

Q. If I change my mind about being in co-op, will I get a refund?

A. No. If you change your mind after August 24th and co-op is held, no refunds will be granted. This is because we will be ordering lab supplies and other materials.


Q. What do I do if I don't like a class my child is a part of?

A. We ask that your child stay with that class for the remainder of the quarter.  When the quarter ends, they may join a different class within that class period.  If you don't feel your child can do that, discuss the problem with a leadership team member.


Q. What kinds of supplies will I need? Can my kids have backpacks?

A. See the website link for what supplies to bring. Supplies may vary per class. At minimum, bring a water bottle, pencils, a binder and paper. Your children may bring their backpacks. Just be sure to label all materials.


Q. What do I do if my child has a problem with another child?

A. We encourage you to talk to the child's parents first. If you cannot resolve it, then talk to a leadership team member. We will not tolerate bullying or negative behavior. However, we believe parents should be instrumental in helping children resolve conflict.

Q. How do I handle a misbehaving child in my class?

A. Please read our Policy/Procedure page here.


Q. What do I do if I need photo copies or supplies for a class I am teaching?

A. If you need copies, you should get the information to Jami as soon as possible. You will be asked for your supply list and given a deadline for submission. All supply lists should come with the lesson idea. This helps us understand what you need.


Q. Can I just buy the supplies myself and get reimbursed?

A. In general, you must give Jami the supply list first. This allows her to make sure we don't already have what you need.


Q. Must I teach a class? I would rather assist.

A. All returning families are required to co-teach a class. You don't have to teach by yourself, but you do need to actively teach. New families are asked to assist in teaching classes as well, but we won't put them in as lead teachers.


Q. What kind of field trips do you offer? Do we have to attend them?

A. Field trips are always optional. We have gone to the National Aquarium, the Zoo, and the pumpkin farm. Our newest venue last year was the International Spy Museum. See our pictures to see the fun we had.


Q. May I invite other family members and friends to co-op events?

A. Yes! They would need to pay the required fees, but we love when new people join our fun.


Q. Does the co-op celebrate birthdays or holidays?

A. We would like to. For birthdays, we leave that up to the parents to bring snacks or treats in for their child's class. We would like to celebrate holidays like Christmas or Valentines Days, but we need assistance from our families to do this. If you're interested in coordinating holidays, please let us know.


Q. What kinds of snacks and lunches can we bring in?

A. You are free to bring a lunch of your choosing if you are taking or teaching an afternoon class . We will have snacks for kids in infant-Kindergarten. If your child in those groups requires something special, please bring it in. Students in grades 1st through 12th are not provided a snack. Water bottles are strongly encouraged. No food containing nuts or peanuts are permitted on church property. This means no peanut butter or jelly sandwiches; no peanut butter crackers; and no dishes containing nuts.


Q. Is any special clothing required?

A. Students should dress modestly and appropriately as we are in a church building. If your child is taking PE, s/he must wear athletic shoes. Little girls should wear shorts or leggings under their skirts or dresses if taking PE.

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